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Insights Team Effectiveness Workshop - Portland, Oregon


A workshop for individuals working on multiple teams, or serving multiple clients.

Bring your Insights Discovery Personal Profile

We expect you to leave this workshop with:

  • A clear picture of the “universe” of unique teams and/or clients you are currently working with, and the most relevant distinctions between them — through the lens of the Insights Discovery Color Energies
  • Increased appreciation of your unique strengths and the most valuable contributions you can offer to each of your teams or clients
  • Greater awareness of how your instinctive reactions impact the various teams on which you work and the clients with whom you interact
  • New ideas and strategies for consciously and intentionally leveraging your strengths and managing your stress to contribute most effectively in each situation.
  • Specific action plans to implement as soon as you leave the workshop
  • New connections with interesting people from a variety of work environments

For more information, visit IlluminationNW