Are you ready to elevate your game?

Be the best leader you can be

Are you stepping in to a new leadership role?

Preparing to move to a new corporate culture or to work in a new country?

Considering a significant career shift — to align more truly with your unique talents, experiences and passions?

Looking for a thought partner as you assess your options? A guide to accompany you through this important transition?

I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve worked with leaders like you through my consulting practice since 1999.

I would love to help!

The ways we can work together include:

Private Coaching + Group Workshops


Private CoACHing

Why consider private coACHing?

Are you looking for extra guidance and support from someone who’s not your boss or colleague, or friend or family member? Someone who doesn’t hold power over your career. Someone with no preconceived ideas about your personality, your skills, your capabilities or potential. 

As an independent consultant, I can offer a neutral perspective and bring new tools and resources to help you prepare for a new leadership role, adjust to a new corporate or country culture, or brainstorm solutions in a challenging work relationship.

How does private coACHing work?

Private coaching is designed to work for you. In a series of meetings over a period of weeks or months — customized to your needs and schedule, I offer intensive personal guidance designed to help you clarify, refine and achieve your game-changing goals. We can meet in person -- if you're in Portland, Oregon -- and on Skype, phone, e-mail or whatever works best for your communication style and schedule. Interested? Contact me and let's chat. 


group workshops

Why consider group workshops?

There’s something magical that happens when a group of individuals come together for a few hours, in a warm, inviting space, to explore their unique gifts and talents and consider the impact they want to make in the next phase of their work and lives.  

We engage in lively, meaningful conversations with people we’ve just met. 

We hear new perspectives and insights about ourselves.

We imagine new possibilities.

We gain confidence in our ability to take important next steps, to bring our dreams to life.

Sound good? Consider joining me and my colleague, Deb Weekley, for one of the group workshops we offer through our unique partnership, IlluminationNW


what group workshops are available?

We're offering two workshops for leaders like you in 2019:


Insights Deeper Discovery Workshops

focus on WHAT'S NEXT

Using the language of Archetypes, you'll explore what drives and motivates you. You'll receive insights and tools to help you become a more authentic and inspiring leader, including:

  • A personalized 13-page Insights Deeper Discovery Profile that highlights your top 10 Archetypes

  • A 55-page workbook full of exercises and activities to use during and well beyond this workshop

  • An exploration of where you've been, where you're at now and where you want to go

  • New insights into your own strengths and potential to make an impact and leave a positive legacy

  • Personal feedback and ideas for development from other workshop participants and facilitators

  • Snacks, coffee, lunch, fun and important conversations


Insights Team Effectiveness Workshops

leading and working on multiple teams 

Bring your Insights Discovery Personal Profile* and spend the day with us focusing on YOU, your unique strengths, and your most important teams. 

*Don't have an Insights Discovery Profile? No worries — you can order one, along with a private debrief session, when you register for the workshop.

You will leave this workshop with:

  • A clear picture of the “universe” of unique teams in which you are currently operating and the most relevant distinctions between them — through the lens of the Insights Discovery Color Energies

  • Increased appreciation of your unique strengths and the most valuable contributions you can offer to each of your teams or clients

  • Greater awareness of how your instinctive reactions impact the various teams on which you work and the clients with whom you interact

  • New ideas and strategies for consciously and intentionally leveraging your strengths and managing your stress to contribute most effectively on each of your teams

  • Specific action plans to implement as soon as you leave the workshop

  • New connections with interesting people from a variety of work environments