Beyond Insights Deeper Discovery


are you ready to go deeper?

  • Revisit your Insights Deeper Discovery Profile (or update and receive a new Profile)

  • Assess where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go - in a series of live virtual sessions (via Zoom), moderated by Deb and Ann Marie

  • Limited to a small group of people who will be exploring together - at a pilot price of $250

Are you ready to pull your Insights Deeper Discovery Profile off the shelf and dig back in? To revisit the work you did — last month or a few years ago — when you attended a workshop with Deb and Ann Marie? To move from reflection to action?

We would love to have you join us, and a small group of like-minded explorers, for a six-session intensive deep dive from the comfort of your own home or office (or wherever in the world you happen to be). Our goal will be to help each other gain:

  • Clarity about what you really want next - in your work and lives

  • Greater confidence in the knowledge, skills, experiences and unique gifts you each have to offer the world

  • New ideas and strategies for getting past the limiting beliefs and obstacles standing in your way

  • A set of simple, practical tools to reach into whenever self-doubts or obstacles pop up in the future

  • Excitement and motivation to take action and move forward - towards the bright futures you want to create!

The Format:

We will meet virtually, as a small group, six times for 90-minutes via Zoom (a web-based meeting platform). Thursdays, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Pacific Time, July 11th, 18th + 25th, August 8th, 15th + 22nd.

We’ll share a private Facebook group for (optional) ongoing discussions and group support.

We’ll leverage the Insights Deeper Discovery Profile and Workshop Journal that you received during the live workshop, and introduce new tools and resources to support your forward momentum.

The Content:

We’re excited to dive deeper into the magic of Insights Deeper Discovery, and to share new tools and resources with you from beyond the world of Insights. We will start with this plan and flex to meet the needs of those who decide to show up - to make this experience right for you!

Preparation (before week 1): Review (your Insights Deeper Discovery Profile and workshop notes), reflection (where have you been, where are you now?) and your personal objectives for this program (what do you want next?).

Session 1: Introductions (to the group, the program, and the technology/Zoom meeting platform). Reconnecting with Insights Deeper Discovery - metaphors, archetypes and career reflections.

Session 2: Envisioning the Future - what do you really want - in your lives and our work? How do you intend to show up? Why do you care?

Session 3: Celebrating Your Best Self - what do you really appreciate about yourself and how can you say it with clarity and confidence in different contexts (e.g. in person, on LinkedIn, in our resumes/CV’s and professional bio’s)

Session 4: Confronting What’s Stopping You - what’s getting in your way and how do you remove the obstacles and shatter your limiting beliefs?

Session 5: Creating a Road Map - you’ll prioritize ideas for action and articulate specific plans, timelines, and accountabilities

Session 6: Refining Action Plans + Support Systems - you’ll make sure that you are ready to implement your plans and have the support and motivation needed to bring them to life.

The Investment:

We’re offering this pilot program at a special discount for all of you brave Pioneers who choose to join us: $250 for the 6-session series

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